Commercial Submissions FAQ’s

I represent artists on a label. How many releases can I submit and how do I deliver them to you?
Releases may be posted to our office or distributed digitally. Please see our submission guidelines for more details.

I am an unsigned artist. Can I submit my music to be added to the ILM database?
Yes, if your music has been commercially released and you are registered with music collection societies PPL and PRS/MCPS.

What do you mean by ‘commercially released’?
All music must be available to buy online from reputable sellers – we do not currently accept demo/home recordings.

Can I submit Mp3s?
No. We only accept high quality WAV files. Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

What is a UPC code?
A UPC (Universal Product Code or Barcode) represents an entire digital product, as opposed to just an individual digital track. UPC codes are typically found on the back of a sound recording’s physical packaging, and are used to gather and track sales information for the entire product.

I Don’t have a UPC code for a release, can I submit my music without it?
No. We require UPC codes for music reporting purposes.

What is an ISRC?
The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is the international system for the identification of recorded music. The ISRC is administered in the UK by PPL and record companies, and is used to uniquely identify sound recordings. For more information visit:

What is a tunecode?
Works registered with PRS are allocated a unique tunecode. This is typically an eight-character alpha/numeric code – e.g. 1234567L. To register your work with PRS visit

I don’t have ISRCs or tunecodes for my releases. Can I still submit my music to you?
No. ISRCs and tunecodes are an integral part of music reporting, which ensure artists and composers receive their royalties.

I have ISRCs and tunecodes, but I am not registered with PPL and PRS/MCPS. Can I still submit my music?
No. The I Like Music database is the main resource of music for BBC, ITV, channel 5 and many other broadcasters, therefore all our music must be registered with PRS/MCPS and PPL. This ensures that the necessary reporting data is available for our clients, and that all parties associated with the creation of a track are paid for use of their work.

I am registered with a music collection society overseas. Do I also need to register with PRS/MCPS and PPL?
No. If your music has been released overseas, your music collection society probably collaborates with PRS and PPL. These bodies should provide you with an ISWC code, which you can submit to ILM.

My album has been released on multiple labels in different countries. Which label do I reference in the data template?
Please supply all associated labels – simply assign which label covers which territory.

E.g. UK: Virgin EMI/US: Glassnote/Australia: Liberator Music.

If I submit my music to ILM, does ILM own the rights to it?
No, the composer and artist still owns the rights.

What do you mean by ‘exact filename’?
‘Exact filename’ means the actual name of the file and the extension of the file.

e.g. The_Shires-A_Thousand_Hallelujahs__Radio_Edition.wav

Entry to data template:

Incorrect  The_Shires-A_Thousand_Hallelujahs__Radio_Edition [Exclusion of file extension]

Incorrect  the_shires-a_thousand_hallelujahs_radio_edition.wav [Exclusion of capitalization]

Correct  The_Shires-A_Thousand_Hallelujahs__Radio_Edition.wav [Exact filename]