Music for Creators & Broadcasters

Official commercial and production music catalogue of high quality audio fully licensed for content creators and broadcasters

Our world-famous library of music for broadcast includes every UK Top 40 Hit since the charts began in 1952, the majority of the US Hot 100 and a comprehensive selection of all musical genres. We also host over one million production music tracks and Music for television from hundreds of production music libraries. 

  • All tracks are PRS/MCPS and PPL registered, and in high fidelity audio quality / WAV format (44.1/48 kHz, stereo, uncompressed, no encryption).
  • Audition, download and share commercial and production music from any internet-connected device.
  • Download music reporting data.
  • Create and share playlists
  • Our Production music department has built a database with functionality tailored to meet specific usage requirements and branded to fit your company. Get in touch to find out more


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If you are a small independent broadcaster, such as a community or school radio station, take a look at our Pay As You Go service.

Please note Once you’ve downloaded the tracks you want for your programs you must contact either the repertoire owners directly (see the data tab alongside the download buttons) with the PRS/MCPS or with your internal licensing department.  For the avoidance of doubt, no broadcast licenses come with the tracks downloaded from I Like Music.

”We have been using I Like Music for a number of years and have found the service excellent in terms of range, reliability and ease of use. We recommend it to any broadcaster”


”Really like the service – very impressed. An amazing resource especially for retro music shows – every song we’ve needed has been provided by this service – in excellent WAV quality”

Quidem Midlands Limited

“I Like Music has been a godsend for the Absolute Radio team recently, we couldn’t have launched two new stations from scratch without it”

 Absolute Radio