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  • Broadcast

    Monthly contracts offering exclusive and unlimited access to the ILM database, and a service tailored to meet your needs
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  • Entertainers, DJs and Infrequent Broadcast Use

    Registration for our PAYG service is free. Simply top up your account using PayPal when you’d like to download music: 1 credit = 1 track.

    Credit Prices (excl. VAT)

    1 (70p per track)
    25 – £16.50 (66p per track)
    50 – £30 (60p per track)
    100 – £55 (55p per track)
    500 – £250 (50p per track)


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  • In Store Music

    The rates for the bespoke In Store Music services reflect your business needs and budget.

    If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 0044 20 7637 8800 or email

  • Education

    Online streaming service based on a simple annual fee – subject to the number of students registered with the particular institution, for as little as 50p per student per year.

    Number of Students – Annual Fee
    Under 500 – £250
    501-1000 – £500
    1001-1500 – £750
    1501+  – £1000

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  • Production Music

    To add your catalogue to the extensive I Like Music database, you need to pay a service and hosting fee which depends on the volume of submissions. If you wish to find out more, give us a call on 020 7637 8800 or email