Submitting Content

Make your music available to the UK’s leading broadcasters,

DJs and other professionals!

Commercial Music:

Commercially released albums/EPs/singles can be posted to:

Music Services, I Like Music, St John’s Studios, 6-8 Church Road, Richmond, TW9 10QA


Digital albums/EPs/singles may be sent to us via web-based sharing services (e.g WeTransfer), alongside an ILM data entry spreadsheet with the release’s data.


Large volumes of music can be delivered to us online via our FTP client app – the most suitable option for record labels with high volumes of releases. This allows you to submit 10+ releases at a time. To find out more about submitting music in this way, please contact us.



All tracks submitted to ILM must be PPL and PRS/MCPS registered and commercially released (Available on Amazon or Itunes etc)

Audio files must be uncompressed (44.1kHz 16bit or 48kHz 24bit, e.g wav), please DO NOT convert from mp3 or any other lossy formats

We accept full album releases and official single releases, please DO NOT submit partial albums.


Production Music:

To submit production music, please click here.