In Store Music Solutions

As The official master content supplier licensed by PPL and PRS/MCPS, I Like Music is sanctioned and licensed to provide businesses with master copies of more than 1.5 million commercial music tracks.  The Most Complete Catalogue In The World of Music styles, our catalogue boasts Every Chart Hit as featured in the UK Top 40 and Billboard Top 100 since the charts began. Our technology is continually advancing and is adaptable to fit the unique requirements to create new and innovative products for each of our clients’ specific needs.

We offer a wide range of content for background music:

  • Every chart hit since the charts began in 1952
  • Songs from every conceivable genre
  • Clean, family-friendly edits
  • Instrumentals, remixes, rare cuts and reissues
  • Compilations, soundtracks and world music
  • Daily updates with all new releases
  • Readymade playlists

The catalogue is available in a variety of high-quality files including uncompressed audio formats for both streaming and download for broadcast music. New music is added every day and on average an additional 10,000 tracks and new releases are ingested to the catalogue every month.

Get in touch to find out more or access our API for Broadcast music, perfect for small business owners and the perfect restaurant music solution.

Please note
This purchase includes the cost for the PPL and PRS dubbing licenses only.  Businesses that play music to their customers (e.g. shop, club, bar etc.) must have a license to publicly perform the musical work and the sound recordings – these can be obtained from PRS and PPL.  For the avoidance of doubt, no performance licenses come with the tracks downloaded from I Like Music.

”We have worked exclusively with ILM for over 10 years. Our business is delivering high end audio branding and the I Like Music library gives us the opportunity to realise our creative ideas”