Digital DJ Music
An Evolution in DJ Music & DJ Software

DJ music

The Digital DJ market has evolved considerably over the last 20 years, where crates of Vinyl and CD’s were stacked within the DJ booth, we now see digital DJ controllers and laptops with gigabytes of digital audio files saved on drives and USB sticks.

The shift to a digital platform has made having a mass library and that killer track, which will explode the dancefloor right at a DJ’s fingertips, an exciting time for all – whether they are a beginner or an advanced performer.

DJ Software & Track Compatibility

With major DJ software brands releasing premium and free digital software such as Pioneer releasing Rekordbox, Native Instruments with Traktor and other software developers such as Serato and Ableton Live, we have never been more spoilt for choice on how to spin our sets.

All of our tracks are compatible with each piece of Digital DJ software, meaning that you can have peace of mind that all tracks purchased from I Like Music will run with your chosen software and hardware setup.

DJ Music Library 

We know that at the core of every DJ set that it’s always about the music. Here at I Like Music we have a passion for all genres of music and the next big track (having every chart release in our database from the very beginning to present day) and a library of 1.4 Million tracks available 24 hours, 7 days a week for instant download.

Our DJ music library is forever growing, as we roughly add 4,000 new songs each month onto the database for our customers. 

This isn’t limited to just chart music, but we cover numerous genres and artists to complete our service.

The friendly team here at I Like Music are more than happy to also take on requests from our DJ and Pay As You Go customers to ensure that we can get the music that you desire for upcoming Gigs whether it be for Pubs, Clubs, Weddings or Parties.

Why I Like Music + DJ’s = The Best Tracks

I Like Music have made our interface simple to use and you will also find that we are cheaper than most other music distributors (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport) as we offer tracks for as little as 50p (excl. VAT) which you shall find is often half the price.

Our tracks are purchased using a Pay As You Go system in which you can purchase credits using PayPal.

DJ Music Credits That Never Run Out

Once the credits have been purchased, they will never expire and stay linked to your account, meaning that you can choose when and what you what like to purchase.

We feel this is more beneficial and flexible to the user in contrast to offerings from DJ and Audio Pool websites where, you, the customer are more in control of the content which you require.

We don’t have any monthly subscription fees, just the content you want, when you want it. Each track is also PRS/MCPS and PPL registered, meaning that we offer a fully legal use of our music to be used in a public environment. (you’ll find that the above companies don’t offer the same legal stance)

Audio Quality That Exceeds Expectations 

We aren’t also about quantity but also quality as every track available within our library is consisted of 44.1kHz 16-bit or 48kHz 24-bit high fidelity WAV files for perfect audio every time.

We also offer 320Kbps and 64Kbps mp3 files for those looking for a more streamlined storage solution.

Zero Subscriptions: Unlimited Tracks

So, what are you waiting for, we offer a free and simple registration process where all we ask for is your name, e-mail, telephone number and a brief description of what you would be using our service for.

Sign up today to the Pay As You Go DJ Music service and take advantage of the hottest tracks from only 50p (Excl. VAT).